What is Plastic Injection Moulding?

Plastic injection moulding is present in almost every area of our modern-day lives. From toy shops to your bathroom, you’ll find items created from the plastic injection moulding process. But what exactly is plastic injection moulding? We explain what injection moulding is and how we create the best products there are using this high-quality process.

What is Plastic Injection Moulding?

Plastic injection moulding is the process of creating plastic products from a mould. This is done through melting plastic pellets otherwise known as thermoplastic polymers until they are malleable enough to be injected into a mould cavity at pressure to form, when cooled, a solidified final plastic product. Here are the steps in more depth:

  1. The prepared product mould is clamped firmly to prepare for injection.
  2. Molten thermoplastic material is injected into the mould under high pressure. This is usually done using ramming divide or a screw-like plunger.
  3. More pressure is then exerted on the mould to ensure that all of the mould’s cavities are filled with the molten plastic. This is done through either mechanical or hydraulic pressure and ensures a smooth, complete product.
  4. The molten plastic is then left to cool and solidify within the mould.
  5. The movable metal plates used to hold the mould are separated from the fixed point in order to separate the mould.
  6. Rods, a plate or an air blast are used to eject the newly formed plastic part from the mould.

At this stage, Fern Plastics then aims to recycle and reuse any plastic waste from this process to create a circular plastic injection moulding process.


What is Plastic Injection Moulding Used for?

Plastic injection moulded parts and components can be found in everything from electrical gadgets to household objects, wheelie bins to medical tools. Some of the most common objects formed by the plastic injection moulding process include plastic bottle screw tops, internal car parts, wire spools, toys and storage containers among many other things. Many plastic objects you use in your everyday life may have been manufactured using the plastic injection moulding process as more and more objects are developed using this method every day.


What Does Fern Plastics Offer?

Fern plastics offers a high-quality plastic injection moulding process. Our fast plastic injection moulding is high-precision and creates a lightweight product fantastic repeatability, regardless of the complexity of the design. Our specialities include particularly challenging plastic injection moulding including those with leak-free specifications and pleasure-tight needs. That’s why we have developed a good reputation for innovation and problem-solving over our 60 years of trade. We also provide close dimensional tolerances with excellent surface finishes, fire retardant mouldings, transparent moulding or lenses and more. We can guarantee your plastic injection mouldings will be right the first time and on time every time with 24-hour production.


Are you looking for a dedicated plastic injection moulding service with years of experience and expertise? Why not get in touch with the team here at Fern Plastics now to find out more about how we can help you and the range of services we provide.