What Are the Benefits of Plastic Injection Moulding?

Plastic injection moulding is an innovative process that produces many of the plastic items we use every single day. From toys to car parts to medical tools, injection moulded parts are integral to how we live our lives, but what are the benefits of plastic injection moulding as a process?

Low Scrappage Rates for Plastic Injection Moulding

When it comes to efficient creation of injection moulded parts, plastic injection moulding is one of the most efficient with minimal levels of waste produced. At Fern Plastics we aim to reuse and recycle up to 100% of our plastic and manufacturing waste to be used for future projects with the help of our in-house machines and recycling partners. Our processes mean minimal waste without any compromise on quality.


Complete Design Flexibility

When it comes to plastic moulding and injection moulded parts, the world is your oyster. Bespoke moulds can be produced to fit a wide range of uses with endless options to customise and adapt to fit your needs. Intricate shapes can be created by plastic injection moulding companies with highly detailed designs to be added to the product, moulds can also be created to fit various elements together for a working product.


High Output Capabilities with Plastic Injection Moulding

One of the biggest benefits of plastic injection moulding is the ability to produce huge quantities of identical product quickly, easily and cost-effectively. With injection moulded parts, thousands of plastic injection moulded parts can be produced before maintenance is required with quick turnaround speeds that can be vital for smooth business operations.


Low Production and Labour Costs

When it comes to labour costs involved in injection moulding products, the costs are minimal This is because plastic injection moulding is largely automated with most of the work involved in injection moulding products done by machines to speed up the process and require far less manpower than other methods. This means that the overhead costs of plastic injection mouldings are relatively low making the production process a lot more efficient and cost-effective.


Finished Products are Extremely Consistent

As the finished injection moulded parts are created using a mould, the end result is highly consistent each and every time. This can be vital in projects where exact fit parts are required to be fit for purpose. Creating injection moulded parts using this efficient process ensures limited discrepancies with an exact match product in every unit and batch, ideal for high tolerances in large volumes. No matter what the product specifications are, once your bespoke plastic injection moulding is created, your finished product should meet your custom specifications each time.


Reduced Finishing Requirements for Plastic Injection Moulded Parts

When it comes to the perfect finish, plastic injection moulding can help simplify things. Many plastic injection moulded parts are already created with a high level of detail and shaping so require very little finishing work upon production. A high amount of detail can be produced using plastic injection mouldings with good colour control and the ability to include inserts.


These are just some of the many benefits of plastic injection moulding. To find out more about how plastic injection moulding could work for your company, get in touch with our team at Fern Plastics online or by calling 01902 758282