How Insert Moulding Works

When it comes to the practicality of plastic injection moulding, there is one technique that stands out ahead of all the rest, insert moulding. Insert moulding is a fantastic technique that can completely transform your injection moulding giving you multiple combined parts to fit your project perfectly.

What is Insert Moulding?

Insert moulding is the process of creating a finished product by combining molten resin or thermoplastic and a pre-formed part within a mould to create a singular part with multiple sections. The inserted object is usually a simple object such as a knife or tube but the insert moulding process can be performed with all manner of complicated parts to create a bespoke insert moulded product. Insert moulding can enable newly-produced parts to join to other sections in a framework with ease.

How Does Insert Moulding Work?

During the insert moulding process, moulded-in fasteners, shafts, hubs, electrical contacts or connectors are inserted inside of a new moulding for excellent strength and bonding adhesion. Another plastic injection moulding from a different plastic material can also be inserted into a new plastic injection moulding for a unique and useable part. At Fern Plastics, we can combine two or more materials within your insert moulded product giving you more choice and complete customisation when it comes to your plastic insert moulded part. The use of insert moulding removes the need to attach separate parts in the post-moulding process and can help lower production costs. Insert moulding is also particularly useful in that it can help reinforce the strength of your moulded product with multiple layers that will take more to wear down.

What Types of Industries is Insert Moulding Used for?

When it comes to the uses of insert moulded products, there really is no limit. Insert moulded products are often used in aerospace applications as well as in everyday objects, the automotive industry and when creating objects for the medical professions. A number of handheld devices and household objects are also formed using insert moulding.

Insert Moulding Specialists

At Fern Plastics, we pride ourselves on being experts in all things plastic injection moulding and insert moulding-related. Our expertly-trained specialists can see your project through from start to finish to ensure an extremely high-quality insert moulding every time. Our injection moulds are cost-effective and can be made to extremely close tolerances for a wide range of industries and purposes. With over 60 years of industry-leading experience, your insert moulding project is in good hands.

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