Our Value-Added Services From Fern Plastics

Here at Fern Plastics, we are experts at the plastic injection moulding process. We have spent a number of years becoming the best in our field and are proud of the industry status we have achieved from this. From our experience, we know that those seeking the plastic injection moulding service are often looking for a number of other types of services. That’s why we are proud to offer a number of value-added services to our customers so you can get your job done perfectly, whatever your needs.

Gas Assisted Injection Moulding

If you are looking for a trusted gas-assisted moulding company that gives the results you want, Fern Plastics is here to help. Our gas-assisted moulding technique improves aesthetics by creating hollow sections and thus reducing the material content in thicker sections for a lighter product.

Assembly and Testing of Finished Products

We know that you want to know your finished product is completely up to standard. That’s why we offer assembly and testing services as part of our value-added services to ensure you are happy with the finished, assembled product. We can fix injection mouldings together with o-rings, springs or mechanical fasteners and test moulded assemblies for pressure tightness.

Laser Marking

If you are looking for a laser marketing or laser etching service for your product, why not get it done here? We offer quality indelible etching or marking on plain, chromed or painted mouldings as part of our injection moulding value-added services. We also provide precise layer removals in order to produce effective backlit mouldings, QR codes, serial numbers and bar codes for your products.

Tampo Printing and Pad Printing

Tampo printing, also known as pad printing, can help to bring your visual ideas to life. We offer up to five colours in one process with our state-of-the-art tampo printing machines from Tosh. This is particularly useful for difficult-to-print-on surfaces with our pad printing machines creating fantastic results. 

Welding Services

Our welding service provides high-quality ultra-sonic welding or heat welding in order to join injection mouldings together effectively. Using these welding processes alongside our plastic injection moulding services gives us the ability the ability to create complex parts with ease.

Just in Time Logistics

We operate both Kanban and consignment lock systems for all of our major customers to help you manage your stock and supply chain efficiently. Our just-in-time systems help you to manage your production to what and when you need it to avoid wasted time and materials.

Insert Moulding and Over Moulding

Our fantastic services also include insert moulding and over moulding services for our clients. We can produce moulded-in fasteners, hubs, shafts and electrical contacts or connectors as part of our services and can even inject plastic injection mouldings from another type of plastic into new plastic injection mouldings for complicated designs that require attention to detail.

High-Quality Finishes

It goes without saying that our work reaches impeccably high standards each and every time. That said, some projects in particular may be more intricate or complicated in finish and require something that really stands out. That’s why we offer additional high-quality finishes such as chrome plating on highly polished ABS polymers or paint finishes that are applied to a broader range of substrates.


If you are looking for a polished finished with no compromise on quality, get in touch with our team to find out what we can provide for you. We offer a range of diverse services from the simple to the intricate, so contact us now to find out more about our services. Call 01902 758282 or get in touch online to talk to a member of our experienced team.