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Fern Plastics is a trusted plastic injection moulding specialist with over 60 years experience in the injection moulding industry. As leading plastic injection moulders, we provide advanced injection moulding services for a wide range of sectors including automotive, electrical, construction, retail, industrial and telecommunications.

Our custom plastic injection moulding process produces a bespoke plastic mould product to suit exact specifications and requirements. Plastic injection moulding is the process of melting plastic pellets, which are injected into a moulded cavity when malleable.
The malleable plastic fills the mould, solidifies and the final product is achieved. The process of injection moulding is fast, and creates an identical product with high precision, regardless of the complexity of the design.

At Fern Plastics, we understand that every project is unique. Whether you’re a small startup with a new concept or an established industry leader looking to optimise production, as a skilled injection moulding specialist, we will collaborate with you to create high quality injection moulded components.

As a reliable plastic injection moulding company, we have an abundance of readily available engineering plastics for injection moulding, with over 200 tonnes of injection moulding polymers in stock. The varied range includes sustainable polymers and our recycled ABS is available in black and grey. In order to provide superior service, we supply over 200 grades and 150 colour shades in our main range of injection plastics, all with immediate availability.


With an excellent reputation for efficient and effective project management, Fern Plastics offers reshoring opportunities for new customers to move the manufacturing of their plastic injection moulds to our facilities. Specialist engineers can also modify, maintain and repair your plastic injection tools in the in-house tool room. Having the capacity to handle large demand is thanks to a vast stock of injection plastics and 43 Arburg and Engel injection moulding machines that can mould parts of up to 2kg.

By utilising state-of-the-art injection moulding technologies, experienced engineers manufacture injection moulding products with great efficiency, close tolerances and en-masse. Fern Plastic’s prototypes and end production goods are produced with a quick turnaround, and thanks to continuous reinvestment, we offer cost-efficient tooling and unit costs, even for smaller


  • Modern Arburg and Engel injection moulding machines
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • 25 to 600 Tonne
  • Tiebar-less for flexibility
  • Pick and place robotics for consistent cycling
  • Improving productivity and quality
  • Insert moulding
  • Gas Injection moulding to improve aesthetics and reduce material content in thick sections
  • Process Control and SPC
  • 24 hours production on 3 shifts
  • Fully integrated production/management
    computer system


Fern Plastics’ speciality is plastic injection mouldings, but the service doesn’t stop there. We understand the need for a comprehensive service that will elevate your plastic moulds to the next level, which is why your unit costs include some value-added extras. From printing and laser marking, welding and drilling to plating, polishing and beyond, your plastic mouldings receive care and attention to take them to a superior quality while keeping unit rates competitive.


This injection moulding technique improves the aesthetics and reduces material content in thick sections


All injection moulds can be customised to include moulded-in fasteners, shafts, hubs, electrical contacts or connectors


Joining moulded parts by ultra-sonic welding or heat welding


Fixing moulded parts together with mechanical fasteners, springs or o-rings. Testing moulded assemblies for pressure tightness


Up to 5 colours in one process using our state-of-the-art tampo-printers

Indelible marking or etching on plain, chromed or painted mouldings. Precise layer removal to produce back-lit mouldings serial numbers, barcodes and QR codes


We can provide moulds with Chrome plating on highly polished ABS polymers or paint finishes applied to a broader range of substrates


Kanban and consignment stock systems operated for all our major customers


Project management from APQP to PPAP level 3 In-house tool-room and long-standing relationships with Chinese options


Fern Plastics work cohesively to ensure the customer requirements are clearly understood and satisfied. Through working collaboratively from inception through to completion of the client’s plastic injection moulds, we consistently manufacture high-quality plastic moulds with accuracy, fast lead times and low unit costs. You will be assigned a project manager to overlook and coordinate your project from the outset.

Your project manager will come to understand the requirements, demands and uses of your plastic injection moulds. This information will then be conveyed to our design and production teams to ensure the most effective product is produced.

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Plastic Injection Moulding FAQs

Plastic injection moulding is an incredibly versatile manufacturing process capable of producing a wide range of products and components. Some of the most common types of products that can be manufactured using injection moulding include:

  • Consumer products – Everyday items like bottle caps, containers, kitchen utensils and toys are manufactured with this technique due to its cost-effectiveness and ability to replicate complex designs.
  • Automotive parts – Many automotive components including dashboards, bumpers, interior trim and engine components use injection moulding in production to create durable and lightweight components.
  • Electronics – Plastic injection moulding is used to produce casings for electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and gaming consoles and the variety of finishes available help to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the product.
  • Medical devices – Injection moulding is used to create components for medical devices like syringes, IV catheters and diagnostic equipment where precision and consistency are critical.

Choosing plastic injection moulding over other manufacturing processes offers several advantages,  making it the preferred method in various industries. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Cost-efficiency 
  • Superior precision and consistency
  • Fast production cycles
  • Design flexibility
  • Reduced material waste
  • Wide material selection
  • Creates strong and durable products
  • Scalable for both low-volume and high-volume production runs
  • Reduced Tooling costs
  • Applicable across many industries
  • Fast prototyping 
  • Consistent quality

At Fern Plastics, our injection moulding processes produce a minimal amount of waste and any plastic waste we create is recycled for other uses. Designing high-quality moulds and performing regular maintenance and inspections helps us to further reduce waste. Discover more about how we reduce waste in plastic injection moulding

At Fern Plastics, quality control in injection moulding is achieved through meticulous project management, thorough material inspection, precise mould design, and continuous process optimisation. For every project, a fully trained and experienced project manager is assigned to ensure consistency and quality are continuously maintained. Regular inspection during processes and quality control testing are used to detect any defects during production. The entire process is underpinned by our commitment to quality and continued improvement. The information from quality control measures is used to identify and rectify any issues so we can ensure the consistent production of high-quality plastic parts. 

Our expertise in injection moulding allows us to accommodate custom mould designs with ease. We understand that each project may have unique requirements and our team is well equipped to work closely with clients to develop custom moulds tailored to their specific product design requirements. Whether its a complex shape, intricate designs or specialised features, we have the expertise and capabilities to design, fabricate and implement custom moulds that meet your exact specifications. Even if your moulds have been previously housed overseas and you’re interested in transferring them back to the UK, we can support you through the transfer process. Find out more about our plastic injection mould tooling.

We offer a range of value-added services that improve product appearance, remove aesthetic flaws and enhance the strength and durability of the final product. As well as providing comprehensive services for finishing, surface treatments and assembly, we offer quality assurance and flexible inventory management systems to ensure we provide a range of solutions that cater to all of your needs under one roof.

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