Injection Moulding Logistics

injection moulding logistics

Customer satisfaction has been at the forefront of Fern Plastics’ mission since our plastic injection moulding company was established in 1959. More than 60 years of experience means we understand the importance of providing our customers with robust logistical and inventory strategies for plastic injection moulding.

To ensure fast and accurate delivery of your plastic injection moulded parts, we utilise just-in-time stock control (JIT) as well as kanban management and customer consignments. From the moment we start to work on your injection moulding project, an experienced project manager is assigned to the process to ensure successful workflow. Our kanban systems help to maintain a streamlined supply chain that prevents stock shortages and over production. 

At Fern Plastics, we believe that leveraging the latest inventory management solutions allow us to provide fast and efficient delivery times that compliment our superior plastic injection moulding services.


Just in Time Logistics

Just-in-time production offers flexibility that meets the requirements of our customers. Our demand-driven production enables us to have full control of manufacturing rates whilst aligning production with customer orders. This method increases our efficiency and decreases waste caused by overstock. JIT manufacturing has many benefits and allows us to be more economical and sustainable as plastic injection moulding specialists. 


Advantages of Just in Time Stock Control

At Fern Plastic, quality control is an important part of our value added services. By combining JIT and kanban project management strategies, our engineers are able to test and inspect plastic parts soon after manufacturing. Maintaining low stock levels makes it is easier to highlight any manufacturing issues before stock accumulates.

 Some other advantages of just-in-time stock control include:

  • Lower costs of holding inventory
  • Reduced scrap loss since defects are identified earlier 
  • Less need to rework parts thanks to early inspection
  • More control over production rates which reduces delays 
  • Allows us to meet customer demand quickly


As a part of our valued added services, the dedicated logistical and inventory solutions we utilise allow us to provide exceptional customer service to our clients in the UK and Europe. Our spacious warehouse in Wolverhampton is conveniently located near to three airports: Birmingham International, East Midlands and Manchester Airport. With all three airport less than an hour away, we are able to further shorten the time between production and shipping.


To find out more about our value added plastic injection moulding services and logistics, contact our team of experts for more information.