injection mould project management

Project Management for Plastic Injection Moulding

Fern Plastics are specialists in highly-technical plastic injection moulding in all thermoplastics and finishes and can work on projects up to 2.5kg. Our process is simple with results that speak for themselves. Our customer relationships usually start with new product projects requiring new plastic injection mould tools and plastic injection moulding parts. However, we frequently work on plastic injection mould tool transfer projects where existing mould tools are transferred to Fern Plastics for the production of moulded parts.

Managing New Plastic Injection Moulding Tools and Part Projects

Fern Plastics’ custom plastic injection moulding process starts with understanding the exact specifications and requirements of the new plastic injection moulding parts. This includes their function, application, environment and areas critical to quality. Using our vast experience and knowledge, Fern Plastics advise on plastic injection moulding material selection and plastic injection moulding tool configuration for the most reliable results. We collaborate with our customers in developing plastic injection moulding part designs. Our specialist team help to improve quality, reduce costs and ease production using DFM and FMEA from our APQP toolbox.

The next step in our process is typically the creation of bespoke permanent injection moulding tools. Fern Plastics guarantees the durability of all new plastic injection moulding tools we produce for life so there will be no unexpected mould tool maintenance or repair costs for customers. Excellent project management with weekly updates ensures new plastic injection mould tools are completed on time with plastic injection moulding part samples, and dimensional and test reports provided for customer approval before full production commences.

Occasionally new plastic injection moulding parts need development for fit and function after the plastic injection mould tools are completed and Fern Plastics continues to collaborate with customers in partnership to revise plastic injection moulding parts designs and modify plastic injection mould tools, providing maintenance to keep them up-to-date and maximising their economic life cycle.

Effective Project Management for Plastic Injection Moulding

The process of plastic injection moulding is a fantastic way to produce high quantities of perfectly replicated products for a relatively low cost. Fern Plastics have been specialists in plastic injection moulding for a number of years so know how to get the very best out of the process. We always assign a project manager to each of our plastic injection mould projects to ensure they are the most effective moulded projects they can be.

Coordinated and Coherent Injection Moulding Management

We understand that every plastic injection moulding project is important so only work with skilled and experienced individuals we know will get the job done right the first time. Our fully-trained, qualified and experienced plastic injection moulding specialists will involve themselves in your project from the first inception to the final finished product to ensure it is effective and as promised. Our injection moulding project managers have seen every challenge our customers face and know the best ways to get the most out of the plastic injection moulding process so are perfectly placed to advise and answer any questions you may have.

Effective Plastic Product Production

We know that no two projects are the same with each product offering a unique set of challenges and needs. Your dedicated project manager will work to understand every requirement and use of your plastic injection mould to ensure an effective product every time. Our fully-equipped in-house tool room provides the perfect space for the manufacture, repair and modification of mould tools, gauges, jigs and fixtures to keep them fit for purpose with a team of specialists on board to make your project a success.

What Our Plastic Injection Moulding Specialists Provide

With knowledge of each of the specialist services we supply here at Fern Plastics, your plastic injection moulding project manager is perfectly placed to advise on every aspect of our business and your project to ensure it is the best it can be and performs as efficiently as possible. Our experienced and fully-trained project managers offer:

  • Design failure mode and effects analysis (DFMEA)
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) to full Production Part Approval processes (PPAP)
  • CAD and mould flow analysis to assist with product and mould tool design
  • Long-standing relationships with low-cost economy tool makers to ensure projects are completed on-budget.