Injection Moulding Surface Finishes

injection moulding surface finishes

To increase the aesthetic quality and performance of your injection moulded parts, it may be necessary to apply surface finishing to your product. At Fern Plastics, our value-added services include injection moulding surface finishes which allow you to provide your customers with a superior end product.


What are Injection Moulding Surface Finishes?

Surface finishes for injection moulding products are applied after the mould has been created to improve the appearance and feel of the plastic part. Injection moulding finishes like chrome plating not only enhance the functionality of the moulded part but also increase its perceived value thanks to the high-quality finish. 


The type of mould surface finish you choose will depend on the type of thermoplastic used in your injection moulding project. For example, resins like ABS and PC can achieve a highly polished finish but materials with higher resistance to abrasions will be less receptive and buffing will be ineffective. At Fern Plastics, we can advise you on the most suitable surface finishing options for your injection moulding needs. We provide a selection of surface finishes including chrome plating and paint finishes as well as standard mold surface finishes ranging from highly polished to matte and textured surfaces.


What are the Benefits of Surfaces Finishing for Plastic Parts?

There are many good reasons to add surface finishes to your injection moulding projects. As well as creating a plastic part that is visually more appealing to your customers, the mold surface finish can improve the functional use of injection moulded parts. Using a plastic injection molding surface finish is also an ideal solution for creating a product with both smooth and textured surfaces, 


Key Benefits of Injection Moulding Finishes

  • Can be used to produce a variety of injection molding textures including smooth and matte surface finishes on one product
  • Some mold surface finishes can reduce the look of minor imperfections caused by the injection moulding process like sink marks, weld lines and marks left by tool machining
  • Surface finishes like chrome plating add resistance to corrosion, abrasions and oxidation
  • Helps to extend the life of moulds by reducing wear and tear 

Injection Moulding Surface Finishes

How do Injection Moulding Finishes Improve my Product?

In addition to enhancing the look and feel of your end product, injection moulding surface finishes can improve the performance of your plastic parts. Some of the functional benefits of an effective mold surface finish include:

  • Textured finishes can improve the ergonomic grip quality of your final product making it easier to use
  • Smooth, highly polished finishes like chrome-plated surfaces are easier to clean and maintain
  • Textured mold finishes can provide long-lasting results since rough surfaces will allow paint to adhere better
  • A textured finish also provides a better surface for attaching labels


At Fern Plastics all of our surface finishes are in line with injection molding surface finish standards so you be sure that your final plastic part will meet the necessary requirements for its intended use. To find out more about the surface finishes we offer, contact our team for further information or call us on 01902912148.