Laser Marking for Injection Moulding

laser marking Injection Moulding Surface Finishes

Laser marking can be a fantastic way to create high contrast marks on a plastic injection moulded product. Often used in the medical industries or in cases when individual objects need to be identified, laser marking has become a popular service, especially when combined with some of our other valued added services.

How Does Laser Marking Work?

Laser marking or laser etching works through the process of directing a high-powered laser beam to a plastic object in order to discolour the surface of the plastic material in the desired shape or style required. When the beam is moved, it forms text, data matrix codes and whatever else is needed to laser etch the surface. One of the benefits of laser marking is that unlike engraving plastic, laser etching keeps the product surface intact with a smooth finish.

When Would Laser Etching be Used?

Through the process of laser etching, unique identifying elements such as QR codes or data matrix codes can be marked onto individual plastic products. This process of laser marking QR codes and other elements can be particularly useful in industries where traceability is key, such as the medical industry as each item will be uniquely marked. Laser marking uses precise layer removal in order to produce effects such as backlit mouldings, serial numbers, bar codes and QR codes.

Key Applications of Laser Marking:

This type of marking technique is used in a wide range of industries to create complete traceability. Below are just a few of the common uses for laser marked products:

  • Product labelling
  • Automotive parts
  • Medical labelling
  • Aerospace parts

Key Benefits of Laser Marking:

  • Permanently marked products
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Complete traceability through unique identifying elements
  • Helps product compliance to relevant laws and regulations
  • Broad application to a range of materials and parts
  • Quick, low-cost process


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