Injection Mould Assembly & Testing

Injection Mould Assembly and Testing

Assembling and testing plastic injection moulded parts are some of the most critical steps of any mould-making process. The quality of injection mould assembly affects the mould quality and at Fern Plastics we provide a range of assembling and testing capabilities that ensure a high-quality end product that satisfies our customers.

Plastic Injection Molding Assembly

All of the experienced engineers at Fern Plastics have a comprehensive knowledge of mould structures and the injection moulding process so every step of mould assembly is carried out to the highest standard to ensure a quality product.  

The dedicated assembly area is designed to meet industry standards and effectively allows our team of skilled engineers to work according to schedules. The preparation of joining materials like metal fasteners and o-rings ensures the smooth process of injection molding assembly. With years of experience in assembling plastic injection moulded parts, we’ve become experts in simple and complex assembly requirements. 

Testing Injection Moulding Quality

Full customer satisfaction is important to us at Fern Plastics, so we ensure quality testing occurs throughout the injection moulding process. To ensure the high quality of our services, our skilled engineers implement a quality management system according to IAFT 16949. IAFT 16949 is the global technical specification and management standard that aligns automotive quality management systems worldwide. The engineers at Fern Plastics work according to APQP – Advanced Product Quality Planning which provides the framework for a structured approach to production. The team uses this standardised set of quality requirements to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.

With over six decades in the injection moulding industry, we understand how important assembling and testing are as post-production processes. Effective assembling and testing deliver a robust end product that will fulfil your projects’ requirements. For more information about our in-house injection mould assembly and testing, contact our team online or call us on 01902919038.