Plastic Extrusion Case Study

The value-added services we provide at Fern Plastics help to improve the aesthetic results and overall durability of your plastic injection moulded product. Our range of injection moulding surface finishes can remove sink marks and improve the functionality as well as the final look of your plastic products. Our selection of value-added services includes ultrasonic welding and plastic insert moulding to produce complex plastic parts as well as injection mould printing to enhance bespoke products. Discover more about all of our services below and find out how they can be applied to your injection moulding requirements to improve your end product.

Value Added Service During the Plastic Injection Moulding Process

Gas-Assisted Injection Moulding

One of our popular injection mould services is gas-assisted injection moulding. This injection moulding technique improves aesthetics and reduces material content in thick sections. This variant of traditional plastic injection moulding uses pressurised nitrogen gas to maximise the resin flow inside the mould cavity. Gas-assisted injection moulding is an environmentally friendly value-added service that is also cost-effective.

Ultrasonic Welding

Joining injection moulded parts by ultrasonic welding or heat welding is quick and efficient. The process of ultrasonic welding eliminates the need for screws, nails or bolts when joining complex parts. Pressure and ultrasonic frequencies are transmitted to the parts which are fused by vibration and heat. Ultrasonic welding is suitable for small complex parts and parts that need to maintain their aesthetic quality.

Plastic Insert Moulding

All injection moulds can be customised to include moulded-in fasteners, shafts, hubs, electrical contacts or connectors. The insert injection molding process involves moulding plastic around other non-plastic inserts. Insert moulding is used for simple projects as well as complex moulding. Insert injection molding is economical, efficient and offers a variety of options for design.

Assembly & Test

At Fern Plastics, plastic injection moulded parts are joined together using techniques like mechanical fastening, with springs or o-rings. An experienced team of engineers test moulded assemblies for pressure tightness to guarantee the quality of the end products.

gas assist injection moulding

  Injection Moulding Finishes

Injection Mould Printing

Pad printing, also known as tampo printing or tampography is the process of printing 2-dimensional images onto 3-dimensional shapes. This process gives you the freedom to print on complex substrates with uneven surfaces and shapes and produces high-quality detailed images. A silicone pad is used to transfer the images and up to 5 colours can be printed in one process using state-of-the-art tampo-printers.

Laser Marking

Fern Plastics’ laser marking machine produces indelible marking or etching on plain, chromed or painted mouldings. We use precise layer removal to produce back-lit mouldings for medical uses or applications that require backlit electrical components. An efficient laser marking service offers detailed laser etching for serial numbers, barcodes and QR codes.

Injection Moulding Surface Finishes

Are you looking for superior injection molding surface finishes for your injection moulding products? Fern Plastics can provide moulds with Chrome plating on highly polished ABS polymers or paint finishes applied to a broader range of substrates. Contact our team of injection moulding specialists for more information about our injection moulding finishes.

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Injection Moulding Logistics

Do you work on an order-by-order basis and need to have stock available at all times? At Fern Plastics we understand the importance of value-added services like reliable injection moulding logistics, so we operate Kanban and consignment stock systems for all major customers. We have an excellent track record for having readily available stock and fast turnaround times.