Injection Moulding Finishes for Every Need

When it comes to plastic injection moulded products, every business is different. At Fern Plastics, as a part of our value-added services, we can provide a range of finishes from laser etching to chrome plating to ensure the finished product exactly meets your needs and expectations. Here are just a few of the bespoke injection moulding finishes we offer.


Insert Moulding and Over Moulding

We provide plastic injection moulding services for a range of different industries. Due to the adaptability of plastic injection mouldings we are able to offer insert moulding and over moulding services to enable different functionalities. We can create features such as moulded-in fasteners, shafts and hubs to enable additional parts to be fitted into larger constructs as well as the ability to fit electrical contacts to your plastic injection moulded parts. We can even insert other plastic injection mouldings from different plastic materials inside of a new moulding to reinforce the strength of your plastic injection moulded part.

Laser Marking and Laser Etching for Plastic Moulded Parts

If your business requires each part or tool to be tracked or easily identifiable, we provide a laser marking or laser etching service for our injection moulded parts to allow for product codes, names or company logos on your parts. This is particularly useful for those working in the medical industry where traceability is key and can create barcodes, data matrix codes and QR codes that can be scanned for use. Laser etching is a quick, permanent and efficient way to mark your plastic injection moulded parts.

laser marking Injection Moulding Surface Finishes

Chrome Plating for Injection Moulded Parts

If you are looking for a more metallic finish for your plastic injection moulded parts, chrome plating can create the perfect professional finish. Chrome plating for plastic injection moulded products is ideal for those in the automotive industry or any other industry where a metallic look is preferred. Chrome plated ABS make superb radiator valves as well as being used for a range of other intricate applications. We also provide a wide range of paint finishes to give your injection moulded part that finishing touch.

Tampo Printing & Pad Printing

Tampo and pad printing allows for up to five colours in one process using state of the art printing machines from Tosh to create exactly the effect you are looking for when producing your plastic injection moulded parts. Pad printing can produce your chosen design on your product with ease enabling you to add your company’s logo to your products.

Gas-assist Injection Moulding

At Fern Plastics, we also offer enhanced injection moulding processes that can also help to improve the surface quality of your end product. Gas-assisted injection molding improves the look of plastic products by injecting nitrogen gas into the melted plastic. This helps prevent issues like sink marks and defects on the surface. The gas also creates hollow areas inside the product, making the cooling process more even and reducing stress inside the plastic. As a result, the plastic flows more smoothly into the mould, leading to a better, more appealing surface finish on the final product.

Plastic Moulded Parts Finished to Your Standards

Whatever you are looking for when it comes to plastic injection moulding finishes, our experienced and fully-trained team will be able to find a professional-looking solution. Contact our team now to find out more about how we can create the product for you.