PC Alloy fire retardant enclosures

1 : Electronics Enclosures

PC alloy with fire retardant
Apertures <1mm

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Perfect Clarity Optics and Lenses

1 : Light Covers and Lenses

Polycarbonate with fire retardant
Highly polished and prism detail
Perfect clarity

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Active hinges, gears, micro-moulding

1 : Bracket

Impact modified nylon
Active hinge and snap feature

2 : Colour coded gears

3 : Spitfire model

1/72 scale

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Ultra-sonic welding

Indicator Rings

1 : Indicator Rings

PP red mouldings with pressed white discs
Ultra-sonic welded assembly

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Injection Moulded, Printed & Assembled

1 : Shower Cover

ABS and TPR mouldings
20 tool project completed in 8 weeks
Printed complete in 1 process

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Chrome Plated, Laser Marked Injection Moulds

1 : Radiator Valve

Chrome plated ABS
Assembly with label

2 : Radiator Valve

ABS – high heat
Laser-marked graduations and symbols

3 : Cooker Knobs

PBT material
Painted and laser-etched

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Laser Etching, Tampo-printed lettering, Metallic Paint

1 : Truck Logo

Glass-filled nylon alloy material – low distortion
One-coat metallic paint process
Tampo-printed lettering

2 : ICE control module

Polycarbonate substrate
2 coat paint process
Back-lit controls by laser-etching

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Pneumatic Valves, manifolds, connectors

1 : Pneumatic Valves and Manifolds

Glass-filled nylon
Pressure-tight o-ring seals
Ultra-sonic welding

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Pressure Tight O-Ring Seals

1 : Fuel Filter Bowl

Glass-filled nylon alloy material – low distortion
Pressure-tight o-ring seals
Multiple unscrewing cores

2 : Under bonnet Covers

Glass-filled nylons
Seal profiles assembled
Reliable snap features

3 : Thermostat Housing

Glass-filled nylon
Metal replacement

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Insert moulding, gas injection moulding

1 : Bath Grip

ASA Material
Gas injected for hollow section
Threaded inserts fitted post-moulding

2 : Fuel Level sender

Acetal material
Electrical contacts moulded-in

3 : Pulley Wheel

Glass-filled nylon as metal replacement
Aluminium hub moulded-in

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