Can Injection Moulded Plastic be Recycled?

Countless objects around the world both inside and outside of the home are now made from plastic. However, plastic waste has become a huge problem for the planet with many non-recycled plastic products going to landfill. As producers of plastic injection moulded products, we answer questions such as can injection moulded plastic be recycled and what we are doing to help reduce plastic waste in the injection moulding industry.

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Can Injection Moulded Plastic be Recycled?

When it comes to recycling your plastic moulded products, the good news is that most of the time, the plastic they are formed from can be recycled. At Fern Plastics, we ourselves recycle our plastic waste in a conscious effort to reduce the amount of plastic we dispose of. Plastic injection moulding uses molten plastic injected into pre-made moulds to form a finished plastic item. These injection moulded plastic products are used for everything from car parts to household items such as cutlery and toys, many of which will be recyclable. The plastic used in these injection mouldings and products made from recycled materials can be reused and reformed time and again to reduce waste.

Recycling plastic that has been injection moulded does not result in any loss of quality making it ideal for the rapid production of recycled plastic products on a large scale. As well as reducing waste going to landfill, recycling our plastic waste and reusing plastics within our process helps to reduce the amount of raw materials needed for plastic injection moulding, reducing pollution.


How Do You Reduce the Amount of Plastic Waste at Fern Plastics?

At Fern Plastics, we know how important it is to reduce the amount of plastic waste we produce. That’s why reuse and recycle up to 100% of our plastic and manufacturing waste to be used for future projects without compromising on quality. We also recycle the plastic bags our raw material is supplied in and use in-house robots and granulators to recycle plastic waste. Our state of the art machinery ensures that every piece of plastic we use for our injection mouldings is used to its full capacity whilst our partners Recycled UK then re-process any plastic we cannot use for other non-technical markets. Manufacturing with recycled materials and recycling our plastic waste helps us to reduce the amount lost in our plastic injection moulding processes.

You can find out more about how we reduce plastic waste in our blog.


Plastic Injection Moulded Products from Fern Plastics

Here at Fern Plastics, we are industry leaders when it comes to plastic injection mouldings and injection moulded parts. We work closely with suppliers and clients to ensure our production perfectly fits their needs with in-house designers perfecting the plastic injection moulding process. We frequently use recycled plastics and recycled polymers such as recycled ABS in our moulding process to avoid waste at every stage of the process and create a more sustainable business model for our recycled plastic injection mouldings.

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Why We Aim to Recycle up to 100% of Our Plastic Waste

At Fern Plastics, we recognise that as a plastic injection moulding business, responsible consumption and production is key to ensuring a lasting legacy for our company and the planet. Avoiding waste and recycling up to 100% of our plastic and other waste is key to ensuring we do not play a heavy part in filling the world’s landfill sites and oceans with our discarded by-products.

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Up to 100% Recycled Waste

When it comes to getting rid of waste in the plastic industry, we know that our choices are important. That’s why we aim to reuse and recycle up to 100% of our plastic and manufacturing waste to be used for future projects. Our in-house robots and granulators supplied by our partners Geiger Systems help maximise the amount of plastic waste we can reuse in future projects without a compromise in quality. Doing this ensures that every bit of plastic we use and produce is used to its highest capacity, reducing the amount of waste we as a company produce every single day.


Of course, quality is paramount for us and some plastic waste we are unable to reuse using our in-house recycling methods. Any waste materials that don’t meet the strict technical requirements our customers need, including any bags, is collected by our partners Recycled UK who can then re-process it for other non-technical markets. We have put multiple steps in place to create a circular economy in our plastic injection moulding process in order to reduce the environmental impact our industry and do our bit as a company to ensure our practices are as sustainable as they can be.


Recycled Packaging

Disposable packaging makes up the bulk of waste in industries across the world. Product boxes are produced, used once and sent to landfill for the whole process to begin again. As part of our commitment to reducing waste at Fern Plastics, we have created a circular process to ensure our cardboard waste is put to use. Our cardboard packaging supplier Allpack take away all of our cardboard waste and recycle it into new cartons that can be used to transport our goods. This reduces the amount of materials we consume as a company and creates a reusable alternative to the single-use box.


Making the Whole Process Recyclable

When looking at ways to reduce our environmental impact during the plastic injection moulding production process, one of the biggest issues of waste we found was the use of plastic tape to keep items together when sending out to our clients. This plastic tape would then be cut and thrown away, creating further avoidable waste. In order to combat this, we are trialling swapping out our plastic tape for paper tape. This has the same purpose, but can be easily recycled after use and is not as harmful to the environment to produce. This is just one of the changes we are trialling to make our process completely recyclable at every stage.


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