Plastic Injection Mould Tooling

As specialists in the manufacture of plastic injection moulds, Fern Plastics is perfectly placed to create your custom injection mould with in-house mould design simplifying the process and an experienced team ready to create an efficient injection mould solution to fit your project. An in-house tooling room is fitted out with state-of-the-art technology to enhance your injection mould design and tooling.

What is Injection Mould Tooling?

Injection mould tooling is the design and manufacture of a bespoke injection mould to fit your production needs. Injection mould tooling forms the base of your plastic injection moulding process, creating a plastic mould to use time and again during the in-house injection mould production process. This injection mould will then be clamped and injected with molten plastic at high pressure, fed with air to ensure a smooth application then cooled and hardened within the mould to form your plastic injection moulded product, identical to your product design.

Plastic Injection Mould Design

Whatever your end product design, our in-house tooling design team can create the ideal injection moulding to incorporate all of your design and practical requirements and improve the injection moulding manufacturing process. An experienced team can help you translate your ideas into practical tool design that benefits from a functional, cost-effective design process.

What Are the Benefits of Using Fern Plastics for your Plastic Injection Mould Tooling?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Fern Plastics for your plastic injection mold design. As leaders in the injection mould manufacturing industry, we can handle the complete process of your injection mould design from the development to the manufacturing of your injection moulded product. We implement an unbeatable mould tooling project management process that ensures success for every project we handle.

  • Fully trained, qualified and experienced technical mould tooling staff
  • Knowledgeable DFMEA and APQP to full PPAP mould production
  • CAD design with mould flow analysis to assist with product and mould tool design
  • Professional mould prototyping through partners in UK and Internationally
  • A fully-equipped in-house tool-room for manufacture, modification and repair of mould tools, jigs, fixtures and gauges
  • CAD-CAM for improved tool-making accuracy and reduced lead times
  • Long-standing reliable relationships with low-cost economy toolmakers

Reshoring Tooling With Fern Plastics

If you have previously housed your injection moulds and manufacturing process overseas and faced delays shipping back to the UK, it may be time for your to reshore your plastic injection moulding process back to the UK. New customers can sometimes be reluctant to transfer plastic injection mould tools from one plastic injection moulder to another. However, Fern Plastics enjoys an enviable, longstanding reputation as “a safe pair of hands” in our industry offering reassurance that Fern Plastics can solve any plastic injection moulding supply chain problems.

We possess a broad array of expertise in plastic injection mould tools and plastic injection moulding parts. We are well-versed in processing all thermoplastic polymers and have additional value-added process capabilities to match. Fern Plastics offers a “one-stop shop” solution. We understand that rapid response, continuity of supply and quality improvement ranks highest among our customers’ concerns and our professional, multi-disciplinary team have proved time and again that we are up to the task. Fern Plastics can help transfer existing moulds to our own injection mould factory with ease. Alternatively, if you have a prototype design, we can help design and create a new plastic injection mould with tooling that works for you and helps reshore your manufacturing back to the UK. We can help guide you through the mould transfer process whether your moulds are housed in the UK or overseas with an efficient, simple process to minimise production delays and costs.


  • Ownership of injection mould tools remains with you, safely stored in our UK-based premises
  • The complete injection mould process is provided under one roof with a range of industry-leading value added services to enhance your injection moulded product
  • All mould designs are confidential with ownership remaining yours
  • Simple, efficient mould tool transfer with minimal disruption to you


Our largest single project to date transferred 120 plastic injection mould tools to Fern Plastics with the highest priority plastic injection moulding parts approved for production within 2 days. Fern Plastics’ in-house toolroom adapts transferred plastic injection mould tools to our fleet of 43 Arburg and Engel plastic injection moulding machines in a few hours. This is imperative to rapid implementation but tooling and capacity are not enough on their own.

To complete the picture, Fern Plastics provides instant access to a huge variety of plastic injection moulding polymer materials. We have over 200 tonnes in stock on-site and established links with global suppliers of all commodities extending to obscure alloys and exotics such as liquid crystal polymer. Our range also includes sustainable and recycled grades of plastic injection moulding polymers and 150 standard colour shades plus custom colour options.

Contact Fern Plastics now on 01902 758282 to find out more about our plastic injection mould tooling process and how we can help your project succeed.

Tooling FAQs

At Fern Plastics, we use a rigorous quality assurance framework throughout the entire toolmaking process which includes detailed inspections, thorough testing methods and adherence to industry standards. This helps us to ensure the highest quality in our toolmaking processes.

As experts in injection mould tool making, we hold industry-recognised certifications such as BS EN ISO 9001:2015. This quality systems management standard demonstrates our commitment to producing high-quality products and services that meet customer and regulatory standards. We operate an environmental management system (EMS) that adheres to the specifications of the environmental standard ISO 14001:2015. Our EMS helps us to reduce waste, improve the efficiency of our resources and improve our waste management. You can discover more in our Environmental Policy.

As stated in our quality policy, we maintain close communication with clients at every stage of the design process and this is enhanced through detailed project management. Our focus on customer expectations means we ensure every project is overseen by an experienced project manager who provides weekly updates on the progress of the project. The project manager not only ensures the tools are made on time but also provides clients with test reports and samples to ensure customer satisfaction before production. If any revisions need to be made, we continue to collaborate with clients to modify designs and we also offer tool maintenance to ensure the longevity of the client’s investment.

As a leading injection mould company, we are committed to environmental sustainability. We offer recycled materials and aim to recycle 100% of our plastic waste. With our environmentally friendly practices and a range of sustainable options, our goal is to provide mold tooling solutions that align with eco-friendly production practices.

We utilise state-of-the-art technology in our in-house toolmaking room. Our processes include CAD design with mold flow analysis to assist with product and tool design. Our project managers offer design failure mode and effects analysis (DFMEA) and Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) in the manufacture and design of client tools. This helps us to ensure precision and efficiency in every project.

At Fern Plastics, we are committed to transparency in our pricing and lead times. We aim to provide clients with clear and competitive pricing along with realistic estimates of lead times for different types of tool design projects. With 24-hour production over 3 shifts, we can offer short lead times and faster responses for our clients.

All mold designs are treated with the utmost confidentiality and ownership of the tools remains with the client. For additional security and your convenience, your mold tools are safely stored within our secure premises in the UK. We prioritise the security of our client’s intellectual property throughout the entire tooling and reshoring process