Injection Moulding Costs – Is it Cost-Effective?

The plastic injection moulding process produces hundreds and thousands of products every single day. From large-scale production projects to smaller, more bespoke mouldings, plastic injection moulding can produce a wide variety of shapes, styles and finishes, all with perfect uniformity. Low injection moulding costs mean that extremely large quantities can be produced with little effort in a relatively short space of time. Here’s our guide to the cost-effectiveness of plastic injection moulding.

Is Plastic Injection Moulding Cost-Effective?

One of the most attractive elements of plastic injection moulding is that is it an extremely cost-effective plastic product production process. Huge amounts of product can be produced from just a single injection mould making it a time-efficient and cost-effective production process. Whilst the initial costs may seem higher than other plastic production methods, he ability to produce tens of thousands of parts from one tool means that plastic injection mould costs, in the long run, are extremely cost-effective, especially for larger-scale or repeat projects.

Creating the Right Mould for your Project

Whatever your project, the right plastic injection mould can help make it a success without the gruelling production process other types of product creation may involve. At Fern Plastic, we know what goes into creating the perfect mould for the plastic injection moulding process and know that the right mould can save time and resources on post-production adaptations later on down the line.

How Do We Save Money on Injection Moulding Costs?

Here at Fern Plastics, we have a number of years of experience creating high-quality plastic injection moulds and injection moulded parts. We like to think that our process has been streamlined to be as cost-effective and environmentally friendly as possible in order to pass on those benefits to our customers. Some of the ways to keep plastic injection moulding costs as low as possible whilst still maintaining ultra-high quality levels include things such as modifying and reusing moulds to improve their performance and continue creating brilliantly-bespoke plastic injection moulded products. We also aim to recycle and reuse the majority of our product waste in order to lessen the environmental impact of the injection moulding process.

Here’s an in-depth look at how injection moulding costs can be reduced.

Optimise The Design of Moulded Parts

Smart part design is one of the most impactful ways to reduce the cost of plastic injection molding. By working closely with experienced engineers, you can create parts that are easier to mould and reproduce. Not only does this demonstrate design best practices, but also improves product efficiency. This results in reduced material requirements and minimises the need for secondary processes. Consider design elements like uniform wall thickness and avoiding undercuts or other intricate features that may require complex tooling. With efficient part design, overall cycle times are reduced with fewer discarded parts which saves time and money.

Select The Right Injection Moulding Material

Choosing the right injection moulding material is vital for cost reduction. While high-performance resins may offer excellent properties, they can significantly increase production costs. Injection moulding specialists will evaluate the required properties of the part carefully and consider using alternative materials that meet the necessary specifications at a lower cost. Recycled plastics can also be a viable option for certain applications, which reduces both material expenses and the impact on the environment. 

Optimise Tooling Design and Maintenance

Investing in high-quality tooling ensures consistent part quality and extends tool life. While initial tooling costs might be higher, better-quality moulds can result in lower production costs in the long run. Regular maintenance of the moulds is essential to prevent part defects, downtime and costly repairs.

Utilise Multi-cavity Molds

Using multi cavity molds allows multiple parts to be simultaneously produced in each molding cycle. This approach significantly increases the efficiency of production while reducing cycle time and lowering the overall cost per part. However, it is essential to balance the savings with the maintenance requirements of complex multi cavity molds.

Minimise Post-Molding Operations

Reducing the need for post-molding operations can save both time and money. Creating parts that require minimal or no secondary processes such as additional surface finishing and trimming. Integrating features directly into the mould can eliminate the need for additional manufacturing steps.

Mould Design Modifications

Before production, it is worth closely analysing the structural requirements of moulded parts. By closely examining the part’s structure, areas that are critical for function and quality can be identified and other areas can be modified. For example, gussets or ribs can be used to enhance the structural integrity of the part, replacing a completely solid area. This not only simplifies production but can also reduce weight, making it cost-efficient for shipping, storage and delivery. Additionally, replacing solid areas with hollow sections where appropriate, reduces the amount of injection moulding material used in the process which can further reduce costs. However, it is important to ensure that the quality isn’t compromised by the modifications as any savings would be cancelled out by the costs associated with failed parts.

Collaborate with Expert Injection Moulders

Partnering with experienced injection moulders can provide valuable insights and cost-saving suggestions. Collaborate with an injection moulding company that has a proven track record of optimising injection moulding processes and can offer innovative solutions and value-added services to cut costs without compromising quality.

Looking for a Cost-Effective Plastic Injection Moulding Specialist?

Our team are experts in creating industry-leading plastic injection moulded products with a full-service process from design to production to ensure your product is exactly how you envisioned it. Contact our team now to find out more about our plastic injection moulding costs or any other questions you may have on the services we provide.